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Ipsum Diagnostics is a Pathology Laboratory located in Atlanta, Georgia. We perform Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD) testing, which provides an objective diagnosis for patients suffering from small fiber neuropathy. In addition to ENFD testing, we offer Congo Red and H&E testing. Congo Red is performed to identify the presence of amyloids, and H&E detects the presence of Vasculitis, or inflammation of the blood vessels. Both of these conditions can be a causation of small fiber neuropathy. Together, these tests can provide an accurate diagnosis, allowing providers to promptly identify and treat their patient's small fiber neuropathy.

In order to utilize this diagnostic test, a provider will perform a 3mm punch biopsy procedure, and ship the sample to Ipsum Diagnostics for testing. The provider has the ability to bill accordingly for performing the biopsy procedure. Ipsum Diagnostics will provide the necessary supplies to perform this simple procedure and send the specimen to our laboratory. With our accurate and prompt results, you can provide the quality of care your patients need.

Available Testing

Wound Care: Molecular testing personalizes the medicine of wound care. We not only identify the major infecting agent, but also asses the wound biome, i.e. multiple microbes living in a biofilm-based community contributing to infection and treatment failure. Our tests identify multiple bacterial and fungal species causing infection as well as antibiotic resistant genes. The result is accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment, and more rapid healing.

Chronic wound infections often involve multiple organisms. Polymicrobial infections are associated with inferior outcomes, however, microbial culture methods fail to identify the vast majority of bacterial and fungal species present in the wound'. The presence of fungal species is not only extensive in wounds, but they also play an active role in delayed healing, increased complications and poor outcomes'.

Molecular testing improves antimicrobial stewardship. We report antibiotic resistance genes when present. Choosing antimicrobial drugs that work will reduce treatment failure and curb the creation of drug-resistant superbugs.

Our molecular microbial tests remove the uncertainty and delay of traditional testing and provide physicians with the most accurate information for a successful course of treatment. 

Onychomychosis: Onychomycosis can cause pain, discomfort, and disfigurement; affecting quality of life. Using PCR, we rapidly identify the disease-causing agent with a high rate of specificity and reproducibility. Fast, reliable results assist the physician to develop an effective treatment plan.

Once you know the RIGHT BUG you can select the RIGHT DRUG.

Easy Collection Process
Procuring samples for wound care or onychomychosis testing is easy. There are no special surgical procedures or storage requirements. Collection swabs and containers can be stored at room temperature. To ship, simply call Ipsum Diagnostics to schedule a pickup. Ipsum Diagnostics will train you and your staff on collection technique and provide all supplies for specimen collection and shipping.