Performing a Punch Biopsy

 Punch Biopsy Map

Performing a Punch Biopsy in your office

In order to obtain a specimen that can be evaluated by Ipsum Diagnostics, a simple 3mm punch biopsy must be taken by a physician or a mid-level provider at a practice.  This simple procedure is performed under local anesthetic, should take less than 10 minutes per biopsy, does not require stitches, and can be billed to insurances companies. The appropriate CPT codes are 11100 for the first biopsy, and 11101 for any additional biopsy performed. 

Ipsum Diagnostics can provide the appropriate training to perform this procedure as well as the biopsy kit material (not including the local anesthetic and syringes), paperwork, specimen fixative, and appropriate packaging and shipping material.

Biopsy Instructional Video