Now Available COVID-19 Laboratory Testing Facility

Dear Colleagues,

Ipsum Diagnostics is pleased to announce that we will start testing specimens for the virus that causes COVID-19.

Please go to the COV-19 IDx© Portal below to begin Ipsum’s COVID-19 testing process.

You will first set up your user name and password and then register your account using your practice’s credentials.  

Once your account is approved by Ipsum, you will have full access to the portal, allowing you to order the swab kits1 and begin testing for COVID-19 .  The portal will offer instructions for testing and handling of specimens as well as enabling you to track and view test results for each patient in a file format that is EMR compatible.

COV-19 IDx© Portal link for establishing your account:

Please DO NOT send paper requisitions to mitigate cross-contamination. 

We are proud to partner with you to play an active role in combating this epidemic and bringing it under control as quickly as possible. 

Expected start date: Friday, March 20, 2020
Test Name: COV-19 IDx©
TAT: Same Day (24 hours from receipt of specimen) 

1COV-19 IDx Specimen Collection Kit© includes NP Swabs or OP Swabs, Barcode, Biohazard Bags, Viral Transport Medium (one test type per patient)

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