Governor Kemp Announces Partnership with Ipsum Diagnostics

This action is just one of many steps we are taking to keep our people safe from this dangerous virus. Expanding access to testing remains a top priority for the Coronavirus Task Force. In addition to the USG testing partnership with the state lab, there are several new private sector partnerships throughout Georgia. That includes the new CVS drive-thru facility at Georgia Tech, which is able to test 1,000 individuals per day at full capacity. And we are excited to announce that DPH will begin a partnership with Ipsum Diagnostics, who recently received FDA approval. Ipsum is able to test 2,000 specimens per day and will be able to expand capacity in the near future. Testing will begin tomorrow at specimen collections sites across the state. Ipsum will be able to provide results to those tests within twenty-four hours. Thanks to the University System, CVS, and Ipsum partnerships, the state will dramatically increase daily testing. This expansion does not include testing currently available through private sector labs.

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