Our proprietary test for Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density (ENFD-IHC) provides an objective diagnosis for small fiber neuropathy. The method requires the highest-level technical skill-set, knowledge, and expertise from laboratorians and pathologists alike. This test is not commercially available because of the unique requirements that can be difficult to implement in a routine laboratory’s workflow. Our talented team of experts developed a method with improved quality, accuracy and turn-around-time.

Ipsum’s proprietary method for ENFD testing was developed using H&E as the background stain, not immunohistochemical (IHC) background stain regularly implemented by other laboratories. Tissue sections are examined for more than just the small nerve fibers. The H&E background better discriminates other abnormalities such as inflammatory cells, vasculitis or a subtle tumor. This comprehensive evaluation ensures the physician has the most information to treat the Small Fiber Neuropathy and any underlying cause. If an abnormality of concern is identified, this can be reported and communicated to the physician. The method developed improves our turn-around-time and does not require additional CPT codes