To schedule a pickup please email us at this address:


1. Ipsum provides priority overnight delivery through UPS. NOTE: UPS provides next day delivery but does not guarantee it.

2. Ipsum’s shipping materials include the following: Silver Padded Mailers (large or small) and UPS Return Labeled Lab Pak’s®

3. UPS Return Labeled Lab Pak’s™ are used for shipping specimens on Monday to Friday. All Lab Pak’s ™ will be marked with the necessary Biological Substance Category B labels.

4. UPS does not support Sunday deliveries. Any specimens shipped on a Friday will be delivered and processed on Monday.

5. With advanced notice, Ipsum can schedule a UPS pick up at your location by emailing: It is recommended that you schedule the day prior, as same-day scheduling of pick-ups is not always available.

To order collection supplies please email or fill out the form below.

Practice Information
Supply Request
DermIDx™ Collection Supplies
Derm Liquid Amies Vial and Collection Devices (Vial/Swab) / 10 Per Unit
Derm Specimen Collection Biohazard Bags / 10 Per Unit

Viral Collection Supplies
COV-19 IDx® NP Test Kits / 10 Per Unit
COV-19 IDx® OP Test Kits / 10 Per Unit
MPX IDx Test Kits / 10 Per Unit

Shipping Supplies
Silver Padded Mailers – Small (can contain 1-10 samples) / 5 Per Unit
Silver Padded Mailers – Large (can contain 11-20 samples) / 5 Per Unit
UPS Return Labeled Lab Paks® / 1 Per Unit

Hand Scanners / 1 Per Unit
Label Printers / 1 Per Unit
Raspberry Pie / 1 Per Unit
Test Order Labels / 1 Per Unit
Patient Billing Cards / 10 per unit
Training Manuals / 1 Per Office
Shipping Instructions / 10 per unit (card stock)

Please contact Ipsum's Logistics Department at 678-915-2299 ext.134 with any questions about ordering supplies